Angela’s Floral Themed Bridal Shower

Hey everyone! I know I haven’t blogged anything in about a month. Sorry! I’m going to start trying to blog weekly, or bi-weekly, whichever ends up working best for me.

I’ve been so busy with my new addition of CALLIGRAPHY to my business! I’m going to add it to my website, but I have started doing calligraphy! I have an Etsy shop, if you want to check any of my work out or commission me for some calligraphy work, you can go here. I’m mostly being asked to do wedding invitation envelopes and signage for events, but I’m hoping to get into making hand-lettered household prints as well! I’m obviously still doing wedding/newborn photography, but I’m so excited for this new creative venture.

In other news, I hosted a bridal shower for one of my best friends, Angela, last month. It was stressful and I had to make multiple to-do lists so that I wouldn’t forget anything, but it turned out perfect! I rented a local Airbnb in the area so that we had a large enough space for 15 women (I have a 2 bedroom apartment, and that just wouldn’t work), and everything about the Airbnb transaction went flawlessly, so I totally recommend it if you’re hosting a small event, just make sure to let the host know what you’re doing with their house before you rent it.

Me and the other bridesmaids decided on a floral theme, because its summer, and if you’ve met Angela, it just makes sense to have a floral themed bridal shower.

2016-08-03_0001pinthisThe bridesmaids took care of the gorgeous and delicious mimosa bar, which was a hit! Kourtney even came up with a signature cocktail called the Dangela (David+Angela), which was a splash of peach nectar, a splash of raspberry lemonade, champagne, and mint. It was so refreshing and such an awesome way to use David and Angela’s celebrity name šŸ˜‰
2016-08-03_0002pinthisKourtney also made this beautiful “Brang it on” display, because of the couple’s wedding hashtag, #brangiton. The combination of the greenery and the purple/white flowers matched perfectly with the gold accents scattered around the party.2016-08-03_0003pinthisIn lieu of cheesy and ridiculous bridal shower games (I mean seriously, nobody likes those things), we played a simple “Who Am I” game. Everyone had to write a memory that they’ve had with Angela on a card, and later in the party I read her the memories and she had to guess who she shared that memory with. She did really well, I think she was only stumped on a couple of them!2016-08-03_0004pinthisYes, what you see there IS a donut cake. Thank you for asking. You can find all of those donuts at Sweet Theory Baking Co. in Riverside. Go there, you wont be sorry.2016-08-03_0005pinthis2016-08-03_0006pinthisKourtney (yes, she’s really really crafty) made this adorable ring toss game out of wine and beer bottles. Not a lot of people were really good at it, but it was still a lot of fun!2016-08-03_0007pinthisFor the favors, I made some blueberry chia seed jam. The only ingredients I used were fresh blueberries, maple syrup, chia seeds, and vanilla extract. I still have some, and I put it on anything that I can. It’s that delicious.pinthisI’m so glad everything went off without a hitch, and I’m so excited for Angela and David’s wedding in October!