Atlantic Beach Anniversary Session | Nick & Erin

Remember these beautiful people?!2016-11-05_0001pinthisWell, they just celebrated their first anniversary as a married couple!! Don’t worry, they were just as beautiful in their anniversary session this past weekend. Cue the incredible sunrise and gorgeous people…2016-11-05_0002pinthis2016-11-05_0003pinthis2016-11-05_0004pinthisThese two have a knack for making each other laugh and poking fun at one another, but in between the jokes, I was able to capture the beautiful love that they have for one another.2016-11-05_0005pinthis2016-11-05_0006pinthisOh, by the way, Erin MADE HER DRESS. Yep, you heard me right. She made it. So cool!!2016-11-05_0007pinthis2016-11-05_0008pinthis2016-11-05_0009pinthis2016-11-05_0010pinthis2016-11-05_0011pinthis2016-11-05_0012pinthis2016-11-05_0013pinthis2016-11-05_0014pinthisI just love connecting with and photographing these two so much. The colors of the sunrise and the vibes at the beach complimented the session so well, and everything just fell into place, just like their wedding a year ago.

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