Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park Wedding | Hallie & Sanders

I’ve known Hallie and Sanders for a few years now (I worked with them at Outback Steakhouse, bonzer!) and since I found out they were together, I knew they were the perfect pair. Being around them, I can constantly feel the aura of passion and love, as well as carefree fun that these two give off. I had brunch with them the day before their wedding, and I could already tell that photographing them was going to be awesome, hilarious, and beautiful all at the same time, and let me tell you, they sure did deliver. The day of their wedding, they were having a very small, very quiet ceremony on the beach at sunset, so they asked me to only take portraits of them before the ceremony happened. We decided on Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park for the location of these portraits, and when I showed up at the park early to scout out the area, I started to get so excited. 30 minutes later, when Hallie and Sanders showed up, I was completely buzzing with excitement. They had a vintage, classy, adorable vibe about them with just a touch of Gatsby, and it was just the best thing ever. 2015-11-09_0034pinthis2015-11-09_0035pinthis2015-11-09_0037pinthisHallie wore a vintage cap-sleeved ballgown with a lace bodice, topped with a classic string of pearls. She donned lovely demure maroon lipstick and matching adorable heels. Sanders wore a classic black suit, but he added a touch of his personality with a pair of black Vans.2015-11-09_0038pinthis2015-11-09_0036pinthisI loved photographing in this forest because Hallie looked like someone out of a fairytale. She was truly breathtaking.2015-11-09_0039pinthisI loveloveloved these quiet moments that they shared in between location changes. They were walking behind me and I literally just turned around and took this photo while they were talking.2015-11-09_0040pinthisWe then moved to the beach, where the sun was in the most perfect spot for some gorgeous photos…2015-11-09_0041pinthis2015-11-09_0042pinthis2015-11-09_0043pinthis2015-11-09_0044pinthisSeriously, this lighting is crazy awesome. Sometimes sun flares drive me crazy, but on this day I decided to embrace it and it was wonderful. Also, can we just talk about that ring for a second?! Looking at it just makes me smile.2015-11-09_0045pinthisWe walked from the beach to a long boardwalk that was beautiful and made for some awesome back-lit portraits…2015-11-09_0046pinthis2015-11-09_0047pinthis2015-11-09_0048pinthisYOU GUYS. Do you see what I’m working with?! LOOK AT THOSE EYES!!!2015-11-09_0049pinthis2015-11-09_0050pinthis2015-11-09_0051pinthis2015-11-09_0052pinthis2015-11-09_0053pinthisGah, Hallie, you are just so stunning.2015-11-09_0054pinthis2015-11-09_0055pinthis2015-11-09_0056pinthisI’m still flabbergasted by the fact that I had the opportunity to photograph these two on this beautiful day in their lives. They are two of the best people I know and they deserve all the good karma in the world.2015-11-09_0057pinthis“I fell in love with her courage, her sincerity and her flaming self respect. And it’s these things I’d believe in, even if the whole world indulged in wild suspicions that she wasn’t all she should be.

I love her and that is the beginning of everything.”
-F. Scott Fitzgerald