Park Engagement Photographer | Samantha & Matt

I met Sam at Helzberg Diamonds when she sold me and Greg our wedding rings last year. She and I immediately hit it off, with our ridiculous jokes about our favorite emojis and the crazy requests she gets from customers on a daily basis. She hired me to take photos of her 1 year old for his birthday, you can see those here. Her kids are so adorable and photographing them was so easy, they loved the camera.

So you can only imagine my excitement when Sam texted me, telling me she was engaged and wanted me to photograph her wedding! She and her fiance, Matt, are the two people you would most want to spend an afternoon with. They are constantly making each other laugh, creating the happiest of energies in the room. I cannot wait to photograph their wedding. If it’s anything like this engagement session was, it’s going to be full of fun and happiness.

Sam and Matt chose a park in Oakleaf, where they live, for their engagement session. This is a very special place to them because this is where Matt proposed, on Christmas day. It was such a crazy day for them, with kids everywhere and so much excitement, and all day, Matt had been trying to get Sam to take a walk to the park. She didn’t think anything of it (because she obviously didn’t know what was going on), and so she kept putting the venture off. After much coaxing, they finally made their way to the park, and much to Sam’s surprise, Matt got on one knee and asked her to be his wife.

2016-01-24_0001pinthis2016-01-24_0002pinthis2016-01-24_0003pinthisBoth of them have kids from previous relationships. Since the park was so close to their house, the kids made an appearance for a few photos. Look at this adorable family!
2016-01-24_0004pinthisThese kids. I mean COME ON.2016-01-24_0005pinthisThat ring though.2016-01-24_0006pinthisI want to end this post with the next two photos because I feel like together, they embody what Sam and Matt’s relationship is like; the perfect combination of laughter and love.2016-01-24_0007pinthis2016-01-24_0008pinthis